General Questions

Advice for a first time brand creator?

Give yourself plenty of time to take in the knowledge you will gain during  development and manufacturing - having launch dates are great but in an uncertain world it can add unnecessary pressure.  

Think about your collection and where it fits in market.  

Do not try to do everything in your first collection, edit and remember you can also add once your brand is launched.

Do you make fully bespoke items?


Should I have a budget in mind?

Yes! We will be able to let you know what will be achievable in your price range. 

Where is the head office based?

We’re located and manufacture across the world, with our head office is located in Sydney, Australia. 

How do we stay in contact if we’re not located in the same country?

With offices and employees in several parts of the globe, we strive to maintain around-the-clock coverage. Our team frequently travels around the world, so an opportunity will definitely arise to meet in person. We can’t wait!

What will the communication be like?

Our specialist team will be there to support you through the whole journey and have an average turnaround time for communicating within 48 hours of a customer enquiry. 

What is your average pricing per product?

There is no average price per garment because everything that we create is so different. The price depends on the amount of specifications, custom trim, and material used for the garment. Once your samples have been made, we can give you accurate costing.   

Logistics & Operations

Ethical & Sustainable manufacturing?

We pledge to work with ethical and sustainable manufacturers and suppliers that put the planet first. Our factories have the following certifications: 

  • SA8000 Standard certification in 2016 
  • Sedex registered 
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) 
  • OCS Blended - Organic Content Standard 
  • OCS 100 - Organic Content Standard 
  • Global Recycle Standard 
  • Better Cotton Initiative participant 

How do you deliver samples and orders?

All the shipping for samples will be handled by us, shipped through UPS, DHL Express or your local courier. 

Customers will need to provide a DHL Express Account Number or organise freight pickup for all bulk orders.  

Please note that your samples or production may attract import duty and tax (GST or VAT) on entry into your country.

Do you handle shipping?

Shipping is something we don't take carriage of. We like to focus on ensuring premium quality manufactured garments. 

At production, we will request your courier details to dispatch the order accordingly.

What is the cost of freight?

The cost of freight depends on the number of units ordered, style and garment weight.  

Due to the current COVID climate pricing for freight can go up or down dependent on the number of flights in or out of the country of origin. 

Freight is something that we do not take care of. 

What is your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

Our minimum order quantity for each respective style is disclosed in the Ready to Brand catalogue.  For Custom development our MOQ is 100 pieces per design. 

What are your payment terms?

For sampling we require 100% payment via Stripe  

For production we require a 50% deposit to start production and 50% on completion prior to dispatch.

Do you print on demand?

No, we don’t provide print on demand services. However, we can produce your artwork based on minimum order quantities.  

What is the turnaround time from signing on to receiving my samples?

A unique product may require a unique timeline. This will depend on the level of complexity of the design and fabrication sourcing. At Always Trendin we pride ourselves on our time efficiency and transparency so if we think a design will take longer it will be notified to you early on.  

Custom Collection

How can I be prepared for my intro chat?

The more detail, the better! 
 Please come prepared with the following information for each design, so we can best help you out: 
 1- Garment construction - reference image or sketches 
2- Desired fabrications - images or physical examples you have on hand 
3- Colour reference images                           
4- Target factory or retail pricing   
 The purpose of this chat is to assess whether we can meet all you design needs and objectives.

Fabrics sourcing?

We’re able to source fabrics from all over the world, so just let us know what exactly you require. 

Are you able to source recycled fabrics?

Yes! Ethical and sustainable fashion is our priority, and we’re able to source any fabrics you may need. Just keep these specialty fabrications and respectively have a higher price point.

Can you handle multiple collection developments per year?

Yes we certainly can. Get in touch and we’ll work through what you need done. 

What is a tech pack?

A tech pack is the blueprint of your design, which includes you CAD drawings, garment details (e.g. stitching, trims, etc.), size grading specifications and measurements. A good quality should contain all the information required for your manufacturer to develop your patterns and stitch your samples. Tech packs are updated through the sample process, any changes in design should be reflected in the tech pack. 

Do I need to have a fashion degree and experience to start my clothing brand?

No, you don't need to have a fashion degree, background or experience. Many of our start-up clients don't have any experience at all. Our production team have years of experience within the fashion industry and are here to help and guide you through the process. 

Can we have meetings to make sure everything is correct from the start?

Of course! We have allocated meetings solely to discuss product development, plus we’re always on standby if needed. 

Will I receive fabric option and swatches in the post during the process?

Our in-house design team will use their expertise to create your designs to your specification. You curate, we create so trust that we have it covered.  Once your designs progress to manufacturing – strike-offs for dyed colours, artwork and accessories approvals will be sent to you prior to manufacturing.  

Will there be any additional cost to a style?

That all depends on the design.  

Depending on the artwork design and application, if elements need to be dyed or branded trims need to be custom made extra fees will apply – these will be determined by our manufacturing partners and communicated to you. 

Ready to Brand

Do you provide wholesale garments?

Yes, we do! Please download our Ready to Brand catalogue to see the available designs. Alternatively, visit our product pages to see how you obtain the styles and pricing. 

We like to call it our Ready to Brand service. This allows you to use our trendy and popular inhouse designs and apply your artwork or logo to them.

Do I need to prepare anything to handover the artwork?

We will need Ai (Adobe Illustrator) files that are editable. 

We will also need the desired scale of your artwork. 

Pantone colours and finish of your desired application 

And direction on the positioning of your artwork  

How does your wholesale service work?
  1. To start, we need to understand your needs and answer any questions you may have. Download our wholesale quotation form and catalogue.
  2. Complete your quotation form and design handover. Try to keep your handover simple and to the point. Send us exactly what you’re looking for with notes and if applicable artwork files to more clearly understand what you’re looking to produce. (preferably, editable adobe illustrator files)
  3. A member of our Wholesale support team will send you a quotation based on the quotation form and your design handover.
  4. If you’re happy with our pricing, please contact a member of our Wholesale support team to order a sample.
  5. Sample stage: you will receive and review your samples. Let us know your feedback!
  6. Now we can head straight to production!
What techniques are available for embellishments?

Our common methods to add artwork or logos to our Ready to Brand styles are Embroidery, DTG printing, Heat transfer, sublimation and screen printing. 

What if I want to make slight alterations to the designs of the Ready to Brand products?

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