You Design

We leave all the creativity with you. All we'll require are your designs and styles for development.

We Develop

We'll develop your tech packs, which will include digital drawings, make direction and measurements.

You Review

Once complete, we'll schedule a call to discuss sourcing, sampling & production options!

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Technical Packs.

Your tech packs are the first essential step to bringing your styles to life. We'll guide you through all the information we need to get started - you don't need any technical knowledge to get the ball rolling.

We work with you through each intricate step ensuring we achieve what you're looking to create! We don't accept externally developed tech packs - we like doing things once and getting them right the first time round. Your Tech Packs will be recognised globally, not committing you to sampling or production with us.

Tech Pack Development Guideline

Design Ready

Have you reference images or sketches ready to go! We need clear and concise direction to get started. This is a crucial step.

Purchase Tech Pack

Purchase your required number of tech packs below. You'll need one tech pack per design. A two 2 piece set will require 2 tech packs.

Development Info

We'll get in touch straight away to confirm all your required information. If you need clarity on any of the required pieces just let us know!  

Tech Pack Creation

We'll develop your tech packs from scratch, creating and completing all your key components and digital drawings for sampling & production.


We'll take between 3-5 working days to get these across the line for you. Once completed you'll have estimated pricing per piece for production.

Next Steps

If you're happy with your estimated pricings next steps will be sourcing and sampling. We'll hop on a call and discuss all your options!

Get started below.

Purchase your required number of Tech Packs below. You'll need one Tech Pack for each respective style. We charge a set fee of $249.50 AUD per Tech Pack Development.

We don't accept any externally developed Tech Packs. These usually require redevelopment, have missing pieces of information and cause errors when sampling. To proceed froward with sampling and production you'll need to develop your Tech Packs with us.  

Custom Clothing USA
HOw does it all happen?

Custom Clothing Development Process

1. Design & Style Selection

The first step in creating a custom clothing collection involves creating a range draft. This call outs what designs you're looking to include and are usually just CAD's of inspo pictures. Once complete you'll know which styles you'll be heading to production with.

2. Technical Packs

Technical packs are the blue prints to every style. These are what we use to bring your garments to life. They include specific information regarding make direction, stitching types, fabrication, colourways, artwork, labelling, garment measurements and grading. Never cut corners here as this will only hinder development, sampling and production timelines. 

3. Proto Samples

Proto samples are the first physical garments of your designs. These are never perfect as they're the first round of sampling, and the first translation from digital artwork to functional clothing. We leverage these samples to get all the correct measurements for the Pre-Production samples (PP's).

4. Pre-Production Samples

The second round of sampling will be your Pre-production samples. These samples will be nearly perfect and will include all artwork strike-off's, correct colourways and labelling. It's often that minor changes are actioned during your bulk production run to get everything as close to perfect as possible. During this round of sampling all approvals will be required to proceed to bulk.

5. Bulk Production

Once all approvals are provided we proceed to bulk. This is the exciting part, as your whole collection will be coming to life! Lead times for booking in a production slot varies dependent on the intricacies and total order quantity of your order.

6. Dispatch & Shipping

Shipping of bulk production runs is something we don't take carriage of. Once production is booked we'll be able to provide all the shipment details for your courier or freight forwarder to collect. Air freight is the quickest method of transportation, taking ~3-5 business days, and always costs the most. Sea freight is significantly more cost effective, however takes 3-4 weeks for delivery. We always recommend sea freight particularly during the pandemic as international flight numbers are significantly reduced.